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Issues setting up an external domain service

September 15, 2021

If you are trying to set up an external domain service for your website or application, you may encounter specific error messages that indicate a problem setting up your new service. Specifically, one error message you might encounter when creating a new external domain service looks like this:

You are not authorized to perform the requested action

This error is a result of the wrong role being set for the user attempting to create the new service. Some user with the SpaceManager role may assume that they have sufficient privileges to create a new service. However, in order to create a new service within your org or space a user must have the SpaceDeveloper role.

Some things you can do:

  • You can check the existing roles in an organization by executing cf org-users ORGANIZATION-NAME
  • If you do not currently have the SpaceDeveloper role, a space manager can add it by executing cf set-org-role USERNAME ORGANIZATION-NAME SpaceDeveloper.

Users with a SpaceDeveloper role should be able to create an external domain service without issue. More information on roles can be found here.