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A Platform as a Service for government teams

Focus on what you want to build — makes it faster, simpler, and more secure.

We understand what it takes to get from day one to ATO.

The platform’s built-in compliance automates huge parts of the Authority to Operate (ATO) process. Imagine a secure cloud environment where your team can get up and running in minutes, then build, manage, and release applications with a radically shortened compliance review process. This is

Build great things in the cloud with the expertise you already have.

To get the benefits of cloud hosting, like scalability and savings, you need cloud operations expertise, unless you’re using a Platform as a Service like takes care of those operations and gives you easy-to-use tools to manage access, resource usage, monitoring, and other services. It’s flexible enough to give you what you need without sticking you with what you don’t. Let your team focus on building the applications you’re responsible for.

Make compliance easier. Give your team their time back.

Launching digital applications for a federal agency requires lengthy documentation detailing your compliance with security standards. Creating these docs takes dozens of hours from developers, hours they can’t spend building features your users need. But with, you get Compliance as a Service, too. Use the platform’s compliance to automate huge parts of the process. Just document what you build on top of the platform. Could your team use the extra time?

Take advantage of centrally-managed security.

Because enforces a consistent environment, no other team using the platform can change the environment in a way that hurts your security or compliance. Because every update applies to every application running on the platform, your team benefits from every improvement. Because we update the environment by deploying a whole new system instead of modifying a live system, any foothold bad actors might have found is wiped away.

Is right for you? was built by a government team for government teams. Here’s who we’re looking for:

  • You’re in a federal government organization that employs teams — either in-house or on contract — with the power to push applications.
  • You or your teams can use the IAA/MOU process to pay GSA for
  • Your applications are FISMA Moderate or lower.
  • Each of your applications listens to a single port and stores configuration in the environment.

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