The Government Innovation Platform

Free your team to focus on creating quality services securely hosted in the cloud


Platform at your service

Need a new managed service, or a new route for users to reach your app? With just a few clicks they're ready to go! No need to hassle with requests or waiting for approvals.

Fits government like a glove

Gain Authority to Operate (ATO) in record time by leveraging battle-tested software stacks and services in your app. Generate your System Security Plan (SSP) in no time — our documents will give you a huge head start!

Put your money where your team is

Develop, run, and manage web applications without the complexity and cost of building and maintaining infrastructure. Focus precious team effort on improving your service!

Rock solid, better all the time

Join a stable, monitored, always-up platform that is running government software today. Gain access to new capabilities regularly. We work with leading teams to create new platform features based on real needs.

Flex up, flex down, save costs

Sometimes your service goes viral on social media and you need extra capacity fast. Sometimes your service is sunsetting and doesn’t get much traffic anymore. From zero to a million hits a day, we have you covered. Pay for the infrastructure you use, use only the infrastructure you need.

Environments on demand

Spin up production-like environments for development, QA, and other tests, instantly. Unleash development teams to innovate and test faster without worrying about provisioning new servers.

Transparent and auditable

Monitor infrastructure usage, set quotas, and generate audit trails for compliance and internal reporting needs. Inspect how we manage and deploy the platform to increase your confidence that we're doing it right.

Security all the way down the stack

The platform uses only FedRAMP authorized, FISMA-ready, hardened machine images and we constantly patch software stacks. Focus on your software features and security, and let us look after the platform security for you.


“With the help of, College Scorecard was able to focus on making important data available to the public. The streamlined ATO process was incredibly helpful in helping the project go live on schedule. We needed specific services that were not yet available in the platform, and the team responded quickly and supported our needs, letting us focus on the data and the software.” — Sarah Allen, 18F developer on the College Scorecard team

“I managed the staging environment for the eRegs instance at CFPB and spent at least a fifth of my time managing the instance. On ATF's eRegs instance, which runs on, that time was cut down to less than a day of configuration. I will gladly remove "server management" from my resume now.” — CM Lubinksi, 18F developer on the ATF eRegulations team

“The platform actually allows us to follow the fundamental software tenet of not repeating ourselves versus our previous framework. Every subsequent deploy of a stack allows us to add to our toolset for future re-use.” — Kaitlin Devine, 18F Director of Engineering