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Support Packages

Help your team on a broader range of issues with dedicated engineering resources to resolving technical issues.

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more. We can schedule time to discuss this further with your team.

Basic Support

This is the support level of our existing agreements. If you run into any issues with the underlying platform, we will resolve them at no cost.


Limited to platform issues

Supplemental Support

This package includes everything from Basic Support, plus 150hrs of support time that our engineers can devote to resolving issues with your specific applications

$41,250 / year

for entire organization
150hrs / per year

Premium Support

This package includes everything from Basic Support, plus 600hrs of support time and the option for a bi-weekly standing meeting with our engineers.

$165,000 / year

for entire organization
600hrs / per year

Easy to get started

Since these support packages are billed as labor, we can add these packages to your existing agreement with only a minor modification to the IAA.


  1. What happens to the money that is not used within the fiscal year or period of performance?

    Any money that is not used will be returned to the agency through the "deobligation" process.

  2. If an agency does not use all the allocated support hours, can they reduce paid support hours for future years?

    Yes, we see support hours as a good way for an agency to get started with the platform. Once your team is comfortable with the platform, you should reduce the number of paid support hours.

  3. Is there a way to roll over unused hours to the next fiscal year?

    Rolling hours over may be possible, depending on the agency's authority and funds. For example, some money can cross fiscal years ("no-year money") while other funds must be used within a set time frame ("3-year money").

  4. What are the limits of the paid support packages?

    We will not do direct development on the agency's application. We will only help, analyze, and assist.