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Moving apps between spaces

If you have an app that exists in one org/space but you need to move it to another:

  1. Deploy the new application instance using the appropriate steps on the cloning page.
    • Make sure to run cf target -o <NEW_ORG> -s <NEW_SPACE> before running cf push.
    • If you keep the app name the same, you may need to use a different host to avoid route conflicts.
  2. Go back to the old space.

     cf target -o <OLD_ORG> -s <OLD_SPACE>
  3. If you are changing orgs, remove the domain/route.

     cf delete-domain <DOMAIN>
     # or
     cf delete-route <SHARED_DOMAIN> -n <HOST>
  4. Go back to the new space.

     cf target -o <NEW_ORG> -s <NEW_SPACE>
  5. If you changed orgs and are using a Domain, re-create it.

     cf create-domain <DOMAIN>
  6. Map the domain/route.

     cf map-route <APP_NAME> <DELEGATED_DOMAIN>
     # or
     cf map-route <APP_NAME> <SHARED_DOMAIN> -n <HOST>
  7. Delete the old app.

     cf target -o <OLD_ORG> -s <OLD_SPACE>
     cf delete <APP_NAME>